Located in the Sierra Nevada's Natural Park

Our facilities are located in Yegen, a small village in La Alpujarra Granadina. A thousand meters above sea level, in the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. This enclave has optimal climatic conditions, which allow us to cure our products in a 100% natural way.

The seasons of the year, in a Mediterranean mountain climate like ours, mark the temperature and humidity that the ham requires at each stage of the curing process.

Privileged location at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level

Cold winters, ideal for the ham's first stage: salting, and hot, dry summers, which favor natural curing in the cellar, where the ham sweats, infiltrating its own fat into the muscle and acquiring unbeatable sensory nuances.

In our facilities, the only form of temperature control we have in the natural curing process are the windows. During the night the windows are opened to let in the fresh, pure Sierra Nevada air.

Culture of the Alpujarra

Respecting the guidelines set by nature, we manage to obtain exquisite hams and sausages, in harmony with our environment and the resources it offers us. Without haste, giving each piece the time it needs. Adding value to the agri-food chain, through a clean, honest and respectful process. 

The Alpujarreña gastronomy is a living example of the way of life that families had in this region. When our grandparents started, in 1958, in many houses of the Alpujarra they fed themselves self-sufficiently, from seasonal products obtained from the land and animals, and that were maintained thanks to natural conservation techniques. The slaughter was a ritual that was celebrated every year, families gathered to collaborate in the preparation of sausages and salting of hams, and thus filled the pantry for the whole year.

Today, at Muñoz Jamones y Embutidos, we continue to understand the elaboration of our products as a ritual, following the recipes and know-how of those who taught us in their day, having learned before life itself. A culture transmitted from generation to generation. We continue where we started, in Yegen. Here time is measured differently, we let life set the pace, giving value to every moment lived and being grateful for the fortune of being able to stay in this place. We are waiting for you in this privileged environment!

Family tradition
Since 1958

Get to know closely the secrets of traditional production. We offer you a guided tour with tasting of our hams and Iberian acorn-fed sausages. You will learn about the secrets of the traditional production of hams and Iberian sausages in a unique location, at 1000 meters above sea level.

We carry out a careful selection of the best raw material, without any use of preservatives or food additives, to obtain a product of exceptional quality and flavor, as well as 100% natural. Our region, besides being an exceptional environment, due to its geographical and climatic characteristics, has a deep-rooted tradition and culture. It has always been, and will continue to be, a 100% rural environment.

Muñoz Jamones y Embutidos has achieved numerous certifications as part of its efforts to raise its quality standards to the highest level.

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