The production process

Muñoz Jamones y Embutidos

The production process we follow aims to achieve the optimum quality of each product, seeking excellence, we develop each of the stages step by step, following the tradition handed down to us by our ancestors. A handcrafted and honest process that takes care of each of the parts involved in it.

Selection of raw materials

We select the fresh pieces one by one, looking for the best genetic and feeding characteristics of the animal, as well as morphology, fat content, infiltration and other specific properties. This is the basis for quality products. Once selected, they are classified according to their weight, in order to carry out a piece-by-piece process, depending on the weight and particularities of each one.

Salting and post-salting

After selecting the raw material, we start with the salting phase, which is fundamental, as this is where the preservation process begins. In our case, we only use sea salt as a preservative, and we also reduce the salting time, so our products are natural and have a reduced salt content. This phase is also carried out piece by piece, providing the time that each piece needs according to its size and characteristics.

Natural healing in Yegen

The curing process is carried out naturally in Yegen, in the heart of La Alpujarra in Granada. Here, nature sets the temperature and humidity conditions that the hams and sausages require at any given moment, the seasons of the year pass through the silence of the cellar to enrich each phase of the slow process, and we respect the time that each piece needs to reach its ideal curing point.

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