Continuing the tradition and the know-how of several generations

Muñoz Jamones y Embutidos is a family business dedicated for over 60 years to the traditional production of hams and sausages. From the foothills of Sierra Nevada, in the geographical enclave of La Alpujarra, we carry out a natural curing process following the tradition and know-how of several generations.

To obtain our exquisite products we carry out a careful selection of the best raw material, WITHOUT any use of preservatives or food additives, to obtain a product of exceptional quality and flavor and also 100% natural.

Tradition since 1958

It was in 1958 when Pepe Muñoz Moreno and An Soria began to market their exquisite homemade hams and sausages locally. At that time, most rural families raised their own pigs and elaborated the traditional slaughtering.

As a result of the demand of their neighbors, our grandparents Pepe and Ana decided to provide the service of maquila, dedicating their experience and know-how to perform the process of salting and curing of hams and shoulders from the slaughter of the region.

Family character

With the passage of time, Pepe Muñoz Soria, acquired the values transmitted in the family, and of course, the know-how and mastery that characterize a craftsman. In 1995, he expanded the facilities and with the support of his wife, he began to expand the commercialization of his products, always valued for their quality and unmistakable flavor.

Essential values

Our family, Muñoz Soria, continued its journey turning its trade into a way of life, based on the love for a job well done, on the patience required by the slow artisan process, on the respect for tradition, on the dedication to an everlasting work, on the honest treatment, on the humility to assume the circumstances, and on the courage to face them.

Loyalty and commitment

InMuñoz Jamones y Embutidos we remain faithful to our essence, involved in our initial will, producing authentic products of the highest quality. Committed to our customers and the people who accompany us, because they are part of our family; and to our environment, because we are just another piece of this great ecosystem.

Loyalty and commitment, in a privileged location

The seasons of the year, in a Mediterranean mountain climate like ours, determine the temperature and humidity that the ham requires at each stage of the curing process. Cold winters, ideal for the first phase of the ham: salting, and hot, dry summers, which favor natural curing in the cellar, where the ham sweats, infiltrating its own fat into the muscle and acquiring unbeatable sensory nuances.

In our facilities, the only form of temperature control we have in the natural curing process are the windows. During the night the windows are opened to let in the fresh, pure air of the Sierra Nevada.

Respecting the guidelines that nature sets for us, we manage to obtain exquisite hams and sausages, in harmony with our environment and the resources it offers us. Without haste, giving each piece the time it needs. Adding value to the agri-food chain, through a clean, honest and respectful process.

Fidelidad y compromiso, en un enclave privilegiado

Las estaciones del año, en un clima mediterráneo de montaña como el nuestro, marcan la temperatura y humedad que el jamón requiere en cada etapa de su proceso de curación. Inviernos fríos, idóneos para la primera fase del jamón: el salado, y veranos secos y cálidos, que favorecen la curación natural en bodega, donde el jamón suda, infiltrando su propia grasa en el musculo y adquiriendo unos matices sensoriales inmejorables.

En nuestras instalaciones, la única forma de control de temperatura que tenemos en el proceso de curación natural, son las ventanas. Durante la noche las ventanas se abren para dejar pasar el aire fresco y puro de Sierra Nevada.

Respetando las pautas que la naturaleza nos marca, conseguimos obtener jamones y embutidos exquisitos, en armonía con nuestro entorno y con los recursos que nos ofrece. Sin prisa, dando a cada pieza el tiempo que necesita. Aportando valor a la cadena agroalimentaria, mediante un proceso limpio, honesto y respetuoso.

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